Dr. Matthew C. Baldwin

I am a scholar of religion, history and culture in the ancient Mediterranean world, specializing in the study of early Christianity and ancient Judaism, and in the critical interpretation of Biblical literatures.

Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Religion and Philosophy

Mars Hill College

Office: 219 Cornwell Hall
Phone: (828) 689-1184

Mailing Address:

100 College Street
P.O. Box 6763
Mars Hill, NC 28754


Current Schedule

( Spring 2011 )

REL 203: Jesus
    (11:00-11:50 MWF)

PHI 216: American Philosophy
    (1:00-1:50 MWF)

LAA 121: Character
    (Sec 1, 9:00-9:50 MWF and Sec 4, 2:00-2:50 MWF)

Office Hours:
    MWF 10:00-10:50 am, MWF 12:00-12:50 pm
    and by appointment

Other Courses Taught

REL 111: Bible — Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament)

REL 112: Bible: New Testament Introduction

REL 201: Bible As Literature

REL 312: OT Studies (Each Topic is a Separate Class):

Jewish Apocalypticism,
Poetry and Prophecy

REL 320 / HIS 320: The Ancient World

REL 322: NT Studies (Each topic is a separate course):

Apocalypse and Eschatology

REL 331: Prodigial Sisters: Early Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism

REL 450: Senior Seminar

GRK 111: Elementary Koine Greek I

GRK 112: Introduction to Koine Greek II

LAA 111: World Mythology (Challenges)